Our Story

We are a young and growing congregation that formed in 2009 in Davidson, NC. Although our members and friends come from across the Lake Norman region. Many were searching for a spiritual alternative to mainstream churches — a nourishing community that embraces a diversity of beliefs. Regular attendees include current and former agnostics, atheists, Buddhists, Christians, humanists, Jews, pagans, and a healthy selection of “none of the above”.

Our 40+ members come from all walks of life. Members will come dressed casually for our Sunday services, which include music, contemplative time, sermons by our minister, talks by invited speakers, or member-led discussions, followed by an after-service social time.

Children attend the start of the service, generally leaving after a story for a spiritual exploration class (grades K-5). Nursery care is available each week for ages 0-PreK (please notify re@uulakenorman.org to ensure care is available- we don’t consistently have babies). 

We’re an active congregation, with members and friends gathering regularly for food and play, social action projects, group discussions, and a book club. We’re large enough to support ministerial, music, and Spiritual Exploration staff, but small enough to evolve as our members follow their spiritual paths. Now we are meeting in-person with service each Sunday at 3 pm at the Quaker Meeting House, in Davidson.  We also host cocktail parties, Special Events that further our education of the world and the need for social action along with many small groups for adults and teens.