Spiritual Education for Our Children

Autumn Weathers—Our Religious Education Director

Autumn Weathers is a self-professed personal-growth junkie and an eternal student of life. She has traveled, sailed, and lived worldwide and taught English to Spanish-speaking children in Panama while running a vacation rental business. For fun, she loves puzzles, reading, playing board games, and card games. Autumn lives and homeschools her two children in a tiny house that she built, along with a jungle cat and a scruffy little dog.   She is a UU and has plans to become a Minister.  She was the Assistant RE in her last congregation, in Saint Augustine, Florida.

She Says: “I plan on putting together a program that will engage kids of all ages, touch them emotionally and spiritually even though we cannot meet in person for a while. I hope that the youth program will facilitate kindness, love, and connection. Promote positive social change in our homes and community and, most of all, have fun.”