Our Covenant and Mission

We, the members of the UU Fellowship, recognize that whenever people gather together in community, it is important to articulate our common expectations and lift up our shared aspirations.

Therefore we covenant together:

  • To welcome with open minds and hearts all who gather here – newcomers, members, children and friends.
  • To nurture one another with caring words, kind actions, and compassionate concern.
  • To share ideas freely, listen willingly, disagree respectfully and in times of disagreement, search for common ground.
  • To value the diversity of identities and cultures.
  • To celebrate with open minds the many expressions of our different spiritual paths.
  • To create intentional connections with one another as we build our beloved community.
  • To enrich our congregational life by participating, leading , pledging and giving.
  • To live out Unitarian Universalist principles and congregational mission in the world.

Our Mission:

To encourage one another on our individual spiritual paths and to live out our beliefs through works.